About our Auctions
Preview days are for the exhibition and inspection of the items we have on sale for the upcoming auction.  For our weekly general sale, the gallery is open for preview on Tuesday until 5:00 p.m.    And Wednesdays, the day of sale, from 12 noon until sale time. *Please note, specialty auctions may have different schedules.

Our staff members are open to answer any questions you might have or to help you register for a bidder number.

To register bidders, we require current driver's license, current address and phone, sales tax exemption certificate (if exempt).

Once information is loaded in our system, you are given a bidder number. Your information will remain in our system for 5 years. However, a new bidder
number is given with each auction. You can start using your bidder number right away. We have several ways for you to place a bid.

Absentee Bid
Absentee bids are confidential. They can begin by phone, e-mail, or in person. You must provide your name, address, phone number and your driver's license number. The absentee bid must start at $10. When leaving a bid, you will give item description, bidder number (which will be assigned when you register), and the bid amount. A red sticker is placed on the item so that the auctioneer knows that it has a left bid.

Once the item is struck down and if the item is owned by the absentee bid, it will be secured; you will be notified the next day and payment will be requested. Please, take into consideration that there is a 15% buyers premium and 6% sales tax.

Phone Bid
For bidding over the phone, we require that you give an accurate description of the item or items you are interested in. The bid must be a minimum of $500 and we need a credit card number to secure payment. We must have a phone number where you may be reached at the time the item is to be auctioned. One of our staff members will contact you before the item is to be sold and will bid at your request as the item is auctioned. If you win the bidding, we'll process your credit card for the specific amount plus shipping cost if the item is to be shipped.

Method of payment
We accept: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

Terms and Conditions

Everything is sold "as is, where is," with no guarantees of any kind. Buyers shall rely entirely upon their own inspection and information.

Everything must be paid in full on the day of the auction, regardless of when it is picked up.

15% buyers premium. All sales are final. The bidder is responsible for knowing which item he is bidding on. Auctioneer cannot honor "mistakes."

All merchandise must be removed from the Gallery by the end of the day following the sale.

Save the bidder number you were given as your purchases are listed in your name in that number for schedule.

Shipping & Delivery
We offer pick-up and delivery services if you are unable to either bring your own items to the auction or remove the purchased items from the Gallery after the auction was completed. Please contact our office for rates.

Wilson’s Auction accepts quality consignments at a commission rate determined by the auctioneer. Sale results will be known within 48 hours of the auction and checks normally two weeks after the sale. If you are interested in consigning please
contact our gallery for more information.

Appraisal Service
Wilson's Auctioneers and Appraisers offers certified notarized legally bound personal property appraisals for determining fair market or replacement value. Our competitive hourly flat fee begins once the first item is appraised and ends once the final item is completed. We do not have any additional hidden charges for service (i.e. travel time, processing fees, research time, etc).

Selling or Consignment of Items
We offer a free valuation service for any item brought into the auction gallery. If you have a number of items or a full house of contents, please contact us and ask for one of our Valuers to visit your home.

Please, call our business office Monday through Friday to set up an appointment to bring in a consignment. We will review commission rates with you at that time.

Send us your Photos
For a fast response, take advantage of our photo emailing service. Your photographs will be forwarded to one of our personal property appraisers and we'll have an informal appraisal for you within 1-3 days. Please include the location of the items in your email.

Real Estate Auction
Wilson's Auctioneers and Appraisers offers more than auction and appraisal of personal property.
Our full service company also handles Real Estate auctions on location. We are confident that we can get the best price for any residential or commercial property, as well as properties that are part of estates.
Furthermore, there are numerous other reasons why selling the Real Estate at auction is advantageous for both the Seller and the Buyer.

Sellers act on their schedule because the Seller sets the date and time of the sale and the terms and conditions such as pre determined money deposits, closing time frames and more, thus eliminating negotiations. Potential buyers know you are committed to sale on a specific date; therefore, they do their homework in advance and arrive ready to bid on sale day.

A Real Estate auction obtains a competitive price, quick settlement (45 days unless extended by mutual agreement of the Auctioneer, Buyer and Seller) thus eliminating ongoing costs of ownership. In addition a Real Estate auction is the preferred venue for timely estate disposition. Unlike using a Multiple Listing Service where your property will be one of many that is minimally advertised, when you hire Wilson’s Auctioneers and Appraisers your property receives intensive customized advertising programs.

For the Buyer the auction assures a fair, equal opportunity to be the winning bidder. Founded in 1911, our family owned Auction Company is well known for its extensive experience in both personal property and Real Estate sales. 

From years of experience we know to properly advertise the upcoming auction, well in advance so that it allows the potential buyer enough time to preview the property, the opportunity to ask questions, learn all the details about the property or even arrange for a complete home inspection. On auction day the Buyer is first to know the result of the sale without the time consuming offer/counter offer process.

In order to be approved as a bidder at auction we require that you register with the Auctioneer before the auction begins. For that you will need a valid driver's license or other acceptable form of identification, and you need to provide evidence that you have the necessary money deposit required to bid. The money deposit must be in the form of cash, certified funds, a bank letter of guarantee to accompany a personal check or business check, or acceptable check. A required deposit at the time of sale, by cash, certified check, or personal check accompanied by a bank letter of credit or any other terms of deposit accepted by the Auctioneer shall be collected from the successful high bidder and held in escrow by the Auctioneer or other named escrow by the Auctioneer or other named escrow agent.

Commercial Liquidations
Wilson’s Auctioneers and Appraisers offers complete commercial liquidations, working on a purchase or consignment basis.


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